Greg Oxford


Hello there, I’m Gone Fishing Pro Angler, Greg Oxford, from northeast Oklahoma. My passion for fishing began very early in life spending every weekend at the lake in a boat with my dad. In these younger years, fishing meant catfishing! I sometimes joke about knowing how to catch and clean catfish before I knew how to read and write. Not sure if this is really true but I know these are some of my favorite memories of life and my dad. Oh and I also learned early to stop, drop and roll when dad would cast a line or you would be covered in shrimp and stink bait all day! Like most kids, including my own, I had a hard time just sitting still and waiting for a bite which is what drove me to bass fishing and the first time a bass attacked my lure, I was hooked for life! And although I have great memories of staying up all night cleaning fish, with bass it was catch and release which didn’t bother me at all. Lol As a teenager, I was blessed with some great friends that shared my love of hunting and fishing so it didn’t take us long to blend the two and Bowfishing became part of my life, wading in the shallow flats on Oologah lake knee deep in mud and no string or reels to retrieve the arrow. You might say we mastered the art of stalking. Good times! Now days the sport has changed a little, we have bows designed special for Bowfishing, LED lights and shooting platforms on our boats but still need those stalking skills from time to time. Can’t say I miss being knee deep in mud. Lol Life is a a little different these days, my kids that sadly never developed my passion for fishing are now young men making their way in the world which leaves me with more time on my hands so I’ve started chasing new adventures, such as, kayak fishing. Never thought I would love a boat without a motor but I do and the kayaking community is great! Well, that’s me in a nutshell, just a country boy with a fishing pole and a bow. Hope to see you on the Water.